Habicat delivers curated, high quality products for you and your cat.

A combination of our expertise, thoughtful selections and rigorous testing mean that we supply the best essential cat supplies. The products we select and the bundles we create provide a fuss-free, one-stop solution for you and your cat.  

We’re a small Singapore-based team who combine our skills as designers and cat enthusiasts with strong ties to the cat rescue community. We have dedicated perks for feeders, rescuers and fosterers, as well as contributing through monetary to selected cat welfare groups

We began our journey in 2020 after becoming increasingly frustrated with having to compromise stylish home aesthetics for our cats’ comfort, and having to search endlessly for quality, functional products that suits our cats’ needs.

Rather than settle for typical scratching posts and mediocre cat shelves in the spaces we spend our time, we embarked on a journey to create thoughtful furniture designs and curate only the best products, loved by both you and your pets.

We’re proud to share our range of multi-functional furniture and pet supplies, designed to strengthen the connection between you and your pet.

From the founders through to production, our range of furniture and products has been crafted by a team of animal lovers to bring you modern cat-friendly furniture, and thoughtful, quality pet supplies.

Habicat is proudly brought to you by Pawbeans Collective.

Pawbeans Collective also presents Catalust, creating unique, modern home furniture for you and your cat. Our multi-functional designs integrates cat-friendly spaces and features into essential home furniture pieces. The materials we use and the designs we create  provide a no-compromise solution for stylish aesthetics and comfort for your cat.

See more at: www.catalust.com