Anti-Microbial Wound & Skin Treatment Spray

Anti-Microbial Wound & Skin Treatment Spray

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Non-irritant, tear-free and safe for accidental consumption and use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes area (tested to B. S. EN 1040, JIS Z 2801 and Acute Oral Toxicity Study).

Specially designed for wounds, injuries and skin problems:
- Effective against both gram-positive and negative bacteria, wounds, hotspots, burns, cuts, skin ulcers, rashes and scratches.
- Aids wound healing & wound repair.
- Prevents further infection.
- Relieves & Soothes Itch & Pain.
- Sanitises & Deodorises by killing germs and bacteria that causes infection and odour.

1. Spray onto affected area.
2. Repeat 2-3 times daily, no rinsing required after treatment.
3. In the event of dryness, apply coconut oil or olive oil on the affected area.

Purified Water, 25% F. Fatty Acids, Coconut Oil, Enzymes Derived from Edible and Seed Bearing Plants.

Does not contain:
✖️ Parabens
✖️ Alcohol
✖️ Sulfate
✖️ Preservatives
✖️ Ammonia
✖️ Steroids
✖️ Colouring