Waterless Foam Shampoo

Waterless Foam Shampoo

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Have cats that are afraid of water? DD-101 Waterless Foam Shampoo is an all natural shampoo that doesn't require rinsing. Ideal for spot cleaning.

Eases itchiness, with long-lasting odour control Non-irritant, no residue, tear-free and safe for accidental consumption and used around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes area (tested to B.S EN 1040, JIS Z 2801 and Acute Oral Toxicity Study).

1. Dispense a small amount of shampoo foam onto the palm of your hand, dry cloth or directly on your cat.
2. Gently massage the cat in a downward motion in the direction of fur growth. For long-haired cats, brush the cat’s coat thoroughly first.
3. Rub and massage the pet gently with a big towel. For long-haired cats, you may dry the coat with a hairdryer if preferred.

Purified Water, <5% Decyl Glucoside, Natural Vanilla, F. Fatty Acids, Folic Acids, Vegetables & Plant-Based Enzymes, Minerals, Coconut Oil and Food Grade Fragrance.

Does not contain:
✖️ Parabens
✖️ Alcohol
✖️ Sulfate
✖️ Preservatives
✖️ Ammonia
✖️ Steroids
✖️ Colouring